Friday, 9 April 2010


I guess if I was a female, it would make sense.
The pain would somehow be treated and no longer will I have to scratch my head whilst the bits of dandruff or dirt escapes..

And I'm still fully much trapped in this pain
This pain
This pain.

Truth be told, If I were to explain, I would sound silly. Facial expressions and illustrating as if I struck a pose seems enduring or as my peoples would say

"Bruv, that's Looooooong!"

I smile but worry inside for I have no clue as to what's up with my insides. The pain is enough to bring tears or shout in anger if you're near.

And still I say, do not fear.

It is my issue, not yours. And at some point it shall be treated.

Let's hope its not to late.




Its a sunny day isn't it?

Enjoy your day.