Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Thats the problem.

"You're cool with it"

I would expect for you to shout at me, Curse and cry in doing so.
Tell me I was not a round when you needed and let you down when you wanted me there the most for we share blood and you should know that us separated does not make us whole.

What I term "family business" has now been exposed but Id rather share a pain so this mistake can not be made in another home.
I love you regardless of that coldness you showed, for you remind me of another soul. Grown to hold, squeeze and let go.
Carry on and moved in the direction of the wind even amidst all conditions.

Yes. Blatantly I have hurt, hardly cried. made a lot of mistakes to which I regret inside. You're stubborn.

So am I, but you being the next generation have more fire inside and it seems this boy you know has been cremated in spite

Please don't blow my remains away into the night.

I still have a fight, given up on a few things but this I cannot let pass by,
This I will use all my might and as you struggle I will hold
As you kick I will firm
As you curse I will absorb every word and as you cry.

I will wipe your tears for every time you felt alone and I wasn't there

For every time such myths entered your ears, for every time he made out like you was no where near.

My promise to fix this remains.

Please do not hate me for something I have no control of.

"Im cool with it" when you clearly are not.

I just hope one day, we can talk.

I just want to make it right

Love you always.