Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Wire

Together we stand on this wire. Hands held tightly we look at each other, our balance. Determined by the distance traveled.
Things learned and shared.

Like a primrose I watched your beauty blossom,
Wishing for a solution to relieve you of such pain
I am that sandpaper rubbing roughly on your heart, the tighter you squeeze the more its felt.

Love to be loved was once uttered vicariously through melodies in which we found comfort.
Reassurance in knowing poetry was the remedy through moments of illness.
lying side by side our aura embraced amongst candles scented with vanilla. slowly burning through the night I visualize your silhouette against the naked flame. A restful state, subconsciously holding each other by sunrise through a map designed by our spirit, and nothing else was greater than the timing in which we woke in each others presence.
A gentle warm feeling on the skin as if we were floating on water with no fear of drowning

And now as we stand together, on this wire we need to remain strong.
No looking down.
Admittedly, the steps I took jeopardized the smoothness of our journey causing this current situation and at no point should you believe your pace was too fast for me to catch up..

Together we stand on this wire.
Our balance. Determined by the distance traveled.

The worst fear knowing that we don't want to let go.

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