Sunday, 7 March 2010

Type on..

*Type on! my new form of freestyle written poetry where I just type and whatever emotion takes over remains. So what might start off random could form into some substance or utter garbage*

I am not digging deep enough, not enough for you to read and actually, visually walk with me and yet seemingly lost as to what to type. A few typos here and there seems to vanish within a click proving that we can all amend our mistakes.

I am drenched.
Squeeze what is left out of me dont you. leave me. Shriveled. You want this and he/she wants that and they want this and still I remain the Yes man.
Nods head and simply conform.
I remain the Bearer upon request, Walking zombie, Forceful smiles.
What it is you truly seek.

The solution? do I have a cure to the Heart ache in which you suffered oh so many years ago? Am I that mirror that Reflects upon your life? do you not like what it is that you see? do you not feel the thud in your heart and still you look upon me as if I wronged you for what you refuse to see?

I am not the solution to your pain
I am not the character you portrayed as your ideal so do not be annoyed when your invitation is rejected within reason.

I am However, the trigger to your thoughts, a gift and a curse and I apologies in advance.

She was the closest to my thoughts

Connection now seems lost.

My fault.

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