Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Knowing its your day of celebration and as much as I am happy that you have been blessed into another year in good health, it seems as if your damage left permanent scars.
I see blank.
My hearing blocks when you are talked about and yet I still wish you all the best.
Struggling. Knowing full well that I am calling you because of her dishearten's me for I should contact you because I want to.
Because I love you well, I think I do.
That area of warmth is getting colder..
She saw straight through me as she asked whether I cared about your well being.
The silence revealed my thoughts

She doesn't know who I am anymore.

"My child I raised you into a man that has no heart to forgive and move on"

I wish to tell her I am still that loving son.

Its just him that done us wrong.

Happy Birthday.