Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Lunch topic.... Marriage

I haven't blogged for a while, apologies. There has been a few things on my mind, it feels like load of things just bouncing in all angles and I am just there, trying to catch one, two or three.

I had lunch with a friend today and the main topic revolved around marriage.

Made me think as to whether I would marry in the future and also how much importance I place on marriage as a whole.

She highlighted that her uncle just married his wife after 20 years! indeed I'm not sure that much will change but situations like that just shows me how close you can be to your partner without a move like marriage.

We then discussed the step towards marriage and whether you know when you are ready.

I am in no rush however, cultural reasons beg to differ. My grandmother is constantly on my case in regards to this matter, she just wants grand kids lol. And while she's there painting my life, I'm here wiping the canvas blank.

I guess I'm being stubborn, cutting my nose to spite my face or what have you.

I would love to marry in the future however, I have seen situations where the so called happy ever after does not blossom as it should and I know I know.. You can't define situations due to other peoples experience.

I know, and I'm not.

Feels like I am rambling because I am dipping in and out of my thoughts as I'm typing but my key heading remains the same.

I would love to love and I know I have it in me...

So.. Why do I always fight myself.

Some backward behaviour.

Anyway.. Enough.


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