Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Although it has yet to be sealed I witnessed your world cave in through a smile.
Often camouflaged your transparency is flawed.
I learned from the best.
In saying this I notice your external showing you worried less when really, its the opposite.
7 years strong you shed no tear, and within this struggle for the oddest reason I needed some clarity you simply said,
"Its time"
And again, that whirlwind of reality blows that slight need for reassurance away and has me longing like a fool.
Lesson learned.
Angered. No.
I love you
I'll simply carry on.
The truth lies in the pillow that soaks your tears, for once. I want to wipe them for you.
Hold you and tell you it will be ok, that I may be grown but I'm still
that child with the tooth ache,
that child that hated water
that child that smoked, robbed, beat, smashed, loved, hurt.
that child you nearly lost,
that child that changed cultural thoughts, rebelled when he felt like, seldom at church Took the punishments and looked you in the eye as the pain struck, tears of substance was enough.
Child, that. Stopped.
Grew up. Made you proud. You wish to be there through and through to protect, when really it is the other way round. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared.
A decision made in 3hours, a change in 3days. Possibly....
Its time

News that I shared, alone.

Could not share it with you, wrong time, I guess.