Wednesday, 3 March 2010

As the sun rises

I was not there when she needed me the most.
She looked weak, breathing in cold sweat, panting..
Eyes bold. Speaking slowly of her ordeal when I was only a few steps away.

Here I view a face of beauty bruised from the chair and tables colliding with her as she fell.

She thought she was going to die.

Numb feeling through her body she could not move and with all her strength she reached out to the person closest to her.

And with all the alerts on my phone switched off,
She remained on that floor for over an hour. chanting in prayer wondering if this is her time to part from this land, crying in pain seemingly confused as to why its happening to her.

Whilst I slept, none the wiser..

Feeling worst than ever, I was so close and yet so far.

I let her down.

I let myself down..

I could have woke up for the day, seeing her lying on the floor. Makes me shiver in thought.

Now, as I sit by you as the sun rises, I am crying inside.
Fearing for your life and thanking god you came through alright.

I am Angered, frustrated that I was not there. All that pain she experienced whilst I remained asleep.

She suffered in silence, yelled with all the energy within. Only the spirits heard her cry.

Is this your way showing your presence? Taking her through such a pain and yet relieving her to live another day?

What is the underline massage for me today?

Questions racking through my mind as she sleeps.

2 hours on, I can't sleep.

I refuse to.

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