Monday, 8 March 2010

I am

not him.
not that happy ever after
that look no further
That you can leave and come back to when your mind is right
Do not be fooled by my understanding, I feel too.
My heart is not numb, blood will show when pricked.
Squeeze and it shall burst
So handle with care.
But, why should you care,
Mask worn to hide any emotion when poked, aggravated or even, loved.
So, I do not blame you
I am not what you may think.
I am not the amalgamation of whatever it is you created
Not that challenge that breathes new energy in your life and if this is so,
I will suck it for all its worth..
Purposely teach you a lesson for my life is no puzzle to be solved
Does not come with an extra pad and plug socket
No manual configuration to know what fits where.

I am the reaction of what is expected

It seems as if the hard face blinded your sight to look deeper.

Happy Monday.

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