Friday, 19 March 2010


Never mind those that search for the beauty you hold.
Though externally ignorance clouds their mind so they will forever banter when really the space in there hearts are empty.
They are not loved.
You are.
Hence why you glide rather than walk, you embrace every factor of your mind body and soul so please,
I ask for you to not show anger amidst news or gossip that is bitter.
Their souls lack that need to be wanted, they have no knowledge of just being and would rather tarnish another.
So when I say you are beautiful, believe I utter
When I say your words are healing. To others I will preach.
I write this piece as a reminder for you to read so in times like this..
In your heart you will seek, think from past to present and understand your are unique
A blessing
Gods creation with that additional flavour
So do not mind the blandness in them

For they have yet to live life!

Enjoy your day.

Star! So shine bright! Not only for today but forever.

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