Sunday, 21 February 2010

Slightly odd... yet... Humbled.

Perplexed, trying to figure each other out in this maze that we call our lives and yet, we share similarities.
Ok, so... we get on each others nerves.
We know this.
Honesty out in the open, we can now start the process from scratch.
This journey only took us 2 years to this point and it still feels as if we are strangers.

Banter back and fourth
its interesting the way you blanket your emotion through smiles. I understand, and I guess the biggest issue between us is the stubbornness that holds firmly.

This time around, I had to let mine go..

Slightly embarrassed I was put in a position where i felt useless, having to look on to you made me feel weak.

Odd.... Yet.... Humbled.

Thank you, I guess?

Guess you found out something new today.

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