Monday, 22 February 2010

Reflective moment

Wondering if I provided the support you required?
just like you.

A Million things running through your mind.
You speak,
I pause.

You carry a radiance noticed by many, and whilst some welcome you with open arms, others remain still with hands in their pockets.
Quick to befriend though the bitter taste of reality shuns upon you.
Misunderstood, looking bemused and yet your actions remained nonchalant.
I see though you.

I see through the hard face and hear your teeth as it grinds in slight frustration
The vien that pumps heavily and that immense action to channel your energy into something less productive..

Fiddling with a pen won't solve the issue..

and whilst I pause
I wonder.
if I provided the support you required?

I guess I am learning just as much as you...

But for what its worth..

Thank you.