Thursday, 25 February 2010

Pardon me but, may I..

With your permission. Start from scratch?

Observing like I use to, in awe getting that feeling I long for, again.
Take me on journeys without moving.
I'll Visualise every detail, paint pictures with words I want to start from scratch.
Ready to shed what was and embracing the now.
You see, I want to make you proud.
Lift this in the highest form without saturation so I need foundation
That grounding,
to ensure I don't loose my bearings as I set out in this world of delusion and pretence
this vacuum of morals leaving you exposed.

Pardon me but, may I..

With your permission, learn the craft like the people before me? Connect with that hidden message in scripture
That pain
That moment
That truth.

That impulse to shout from the roof top
Sing the most hideous song but still get my point across
Why does it feel like I'm talking to closed doors?

Excuse me
Oi OI!!!!

Am I not one of yours?

Pardon my rudeness if I offended you in any way.
I stepped into this blindly with the aim of progressing not only myself but the art to a level that catches the respect it deserves so, why keep your door closed.

You, You, and you.

Do you really believe I do this for show? Like my pain is spread for the applause from others that have no Idea
Am I an outcast fighting its way in?
Must I prove my sureness through initiation

Well here I am..

3 years worth of experience but all is erased regarding this new stage.

"We must be willing to die in order to live"



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