Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Katsu Adventures

Against my will, it was something I could not control.
People around me but I need not care for I am nothing to them but a stranger
So I proceeded.
With caution I slowly tensed myself to allow this wind out with ease...
Looked left,
Looked right.
Ensured my face remained calm and not agitated..
With caution I slowly allowed this wind out with ease..
Unbeknown to my knowledge, the bus went over a bump causing a slight loss in control.

The aura generated
Lingered in this closed atmosphere, the scent of my Chicken Kastu Curry soon became apparent..
Heads turned
Everyone looking at each other..

I done the same.

Spoke to a lady and said "eww.." Smiled and still kept my face on straight.
Must say.
The food did taste great.

Even worst knowing that I haven't finished clearing my inside

Its just another four stops, I think I can wait.

I think.

1 comment:

  1. He he. Just when u thought u could get away with it! Enclosed spaces are always the worst x