Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Internal Smile...

You send me gifts sealed in a box

I smile and yet, I feel unworthy.

I am thankful.

Apologies. Not to seem ungrateful but I am not used to receiving this much belief.

Always carried the world on my shoulders, straddling along on my journey


It seems as if, you want to walk with me.
showing support in the face of ignorance
standing side by side when needed.

My sound warms to you..

Locked into my thoughts, at one point I did not believe.

Why show interest in something that seemed to be the opposite of your culture but you proved to be different.

I am that investment and yet I do not feel like a product.

You treat me with respect

No negative conduct.

In there, contained in the box is three years worth of work, recognised.

Not only by her, but.

By you.


I thank you.

And most importantly..

I thank You.

I guess the process has begun?

join me.. here

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