Wednesday, 3 February 2010

GREEDS & Nutty P - 2nd Sampler (something Borrowed)


The crazy thing is that I actually had no intention of compiling this so soon.

I called it 2nd Sampler (something borrowed) simply because I wanted to mesh my style with songs that I listen to regularly. People tend to associate the Art-form with mellow sounds e.t.c. Yes, Indeed it can be. My album is living proof of that, however, I wanted to experiment with faster beats i.e. house, Rap, Grime, dubstep and hear how it sounds.

I Arrived at Nutty's on the 01/02/10 and we knocked this out in like 2 hours. May I add that I enjoyed the whole Process of Recording the 2nd Sampler.

Especially with the Skits looooool Classic! Also, there are some snippets of potential tracks on there.. the Newbies!

Just listen through and its like a journey.

Click Here to Download.

Might do another mesh for Valentines week, for all the Romantics out there.

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