Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Hair, wrapped.

Dressed down to vest and boxers accompanied by dim lighting and a television to which I pretend to pay attention to.
and so..
I stare,
slowly you clip each nail with focus..
The sound always memorable.



Bag ruffles where you place the dirt.

Scare tactics of possible injury creates a fast pace in your heart.


Lol, Don't mind me, I'm simply playing.
Its my way of ensuring that you do not catch me focusing,

On, you..

And so,

you clip,

Each nail with focus, ensuring the process is painless. Trust placed in your hands I feel stripped of my power, sub missive, you would never think so much goes through my mind in such a short space of time.

But it does.

The process then finishes as you cream my hand.
cold in the first instance but gradually generates warmth as you rub your energy on to mine.

Slowly, you clipped.

Gradually, you rubbed.


I am clipping them, on my own.

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