Monday, 8 February 2010


He waits
Patiently he reflects on the journey to get to this point.
Stomach grumbles, twists in knots. Somewhat in disbelief.
Thoughts of gracing the stage makes him want to vomit.

Then he utters his words..

The doubt once held within disappears, the rush kicks in
This drug is of a natural high

This... Drug is of a natural high.

Thank you to those that attended UK soul Jam, I believe that a mark was left firmly in the ground tonight. I feel good, somewhat in shock that I graced the Jazz Cafe stage and had fun, got the crowd involved and made them feel my words.

Thank you to Paul for creating the opportunity for me and also thank you to the Remedies for forever bringing my words to life with their sound. It is amazing.

The feeling on that stage is out of this world.

Thank you also to Wilson and enrico who provided some sweeeeeet Background vocals on the night.

Definitely made the artform the talk of the town tonight. Most def!!!

Pictures coming soon!

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