Thursday, 18 February 2010


I am sitting here, waiting for you.

Slightly irritated that you would schedule a meeting at such a late time and talk about things that both you and I know will not happen.

So why waste my time?

How clear does "I need to go home" sound?

No? not loud enough? well... I NEED TO GO HOOOOME!!!!

why why why!

Frustrated because now you are late, translating in my head as my time going over.. where are you?

Thinking what to do to end this meeting quickly?

Should I..

Pick my nose? sneeze real hard? Fart? Roll my eyes and say Satan!?

Spaaazz out?? say "ssshhh...... I see Black people?"

Get my lil Jon on and for every question say "wwhhhhaaaat" and answer "Yeeeaaahh!!


I know, ill just smile, ask if you want Tea or Coffee and calmly say..


How may I help you? whilst thinking, you just officially....


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