Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Your name is Mr Fame

Mr Fame

From young we grew.
Batch of three, plus you..

You took longer to catch up on the things we were accustomed to.

Whilst we chilled with girls in short skirts, music, weed and hanging in the street.
You enjoyed gaming, bunking to follow others rather than being your own leader.

You were alone.

High tempered yout.
Nothing got through, wasted away within an environment elders told you to utilize but you never.

Seemed to have this perplexed knowledge that our lives was the same however, unbeknown to you was the same three chilling in x y z each spent their spare time at home studying.

Did you not see?

Ears blocked to the times we asked you to change your ways.

Fast forward and now your name is Mr Fame.

Alter ego of the person you once were.

Confident with that splash of arrogance, you made past friends look on in disgust and made new friends think you were a Boss.

Living that teenage dream as I stood there watching the short skirt, tight tops accompanied with smiles all surround you in abundance.

You are the man.

They stroke your manly arm, press lies on your cheeks.
They whisper tease in your ear and walk away to be missed, true vixens indeed.

You smile, clearly falling for their tricks.

Mr Fame..... I am worried.

You seem to have lost your former self.

This is not my friend.

But, who am I to take that away from you?

You are grown.

I guess I have to understand that...

All the best

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  1. I used to know someone just like him and was lucky to catch a glimpse of him b4 the 'big change.' I spoke 2 him but as the words left my mouth they were already empty. Very positive ending not feeling so down about it anymore.