Friday, 29 January 2010

So, Apparently...

My name is.....
Not important, this is a blanket to hide your guilty secret.
Not talking to the opposite sex was the pact agreed between you and him but it seems as if your part of the contract was breached.
Clearly I do not have breasts, legs, far from a figure 8 to 10 try 30-32 and as you disguise me through such a name I wonder..
How long do you think it can run for?

You talk to me,
Sharing your inner most thoughts
No fear
You care, showing that room for love.

My role is not that of a future prospect, I am no fill in for all that you missed
Wishes of what it was of what it could be.
Crazy as it sounds,
My pride over rides that urge to hold and love you in the way you want.
a typical man wanting a piece is fooled,
I'd rather have a mouthful.
Consume the fact that the only thing drained is the battery on my phone and your minutes.

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