Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Pssst! Guess what?

And there you are, Relaxing.

Chilling if me and you were normal, you know of the crimes you committed and yet refrain from acknowledging your ways. I need no transparency for I already saw through you before you opened your mouth to spread the lives of others in which they trusted you to hold.
You laugh
You create scenarios
You are so fast to let that news filter to another however, not all things come out clean at the other end. Trust can not be placed in another even though you failed miserably.

And so have I

For I have yet to challenge you in regards to this issue, it is not my place.
Hopefully you will read this and change your ways..

You speak to me about others and yet, you could be doing the exact same thing about my business...

Its a shame...

Your name is Gossip Girl, Amend the errors of your ways.

Your name is Gossip Boy, Amend the errors of your ways.

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