Friday, 15 January 2010

My UGGly Dream


May be I was doing the Gentlemanly thing and holding it for you.

You know, That “Oh hes such a nice guy” stuff

Yes, I am sure it was that.


it is not in you to associate your self with such a thing,
the thought of it makes your insides quiver
and the way I held on to this bag with UGG labeled at the front had me questioning..

Is this shit mine?

SHUT up! Never.

I must have been holding it for you!!!

Woke up in no cold sweat
Retraced the dream to double check and sure enough there I was, holding what seemed to be an UGG bag,

The Shock
The Horror!

What was inside I have no idea but I was holding a UGG bag!

Checked back on what I had to eat, last phone conversation, what was on TV, Laptop or Music
There must be an explanation to this.

UGG is not in my style vocab.

Yes I experiment but not with Fur or whatever on my feet!

Not no male chauvinist and power to all men that feel to endeavour in such a thing.

Not me!

But yeah…

That was my UGGly Dream.

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