Sunday, 17 January 2010

Brown Sugar Re-run

Watching Brown sugar, Again!

Funny how I fantasize living my life through this movie.

Always wanting that person that knows me inside out as we live our lives through music.

That connection.

That goose pimple feeling surfacing on my skin at the sound of live music.
The reaction of a Guitar, bass, drum and key solo
The emotion shared as the artist hits a bum note.
On instinct we know, connecting without speaking we have a sense for these things.
The guessing game as a sample of a song plays and exchange of views leading into the next day.

Our muse would be this
Our energy would ignite this further.

However, it is only brown sugar.

At my age I have past that phase of childhood crushes.

Pessimist of love..

Its just a movie!

Back to reality.

I still love this film though.

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