Sunday, 10 January 2010

Blog Visitor of the month....

Massive shout out to Ms Charles for taking time out not only to visit the Blog, but to also make the following comment:

While I should be working, Ive been reading your blog and speaking to too many people on FB Chat

my comments on your interesting blog:

I love your poem ‘Numbody’ seriously feeling that poem,
‘Routine Call’ I did that the other day – its scared me,
‘Hindsight’ love it, words cant explain.
Thought I was a movie junkie but the... movie trailers u have on your blog... missed!
And the photos from 6th Nov are amazing :-)

Thank you Ms Charles

Ms Charles is also 1/3rd of Sistova!! Together they run an event called Style and substance...

Check out some of there stuff.

Please find attached their contact below.


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