Monday, 11 January 2010

Are you there?

I errmm... Try to talk to you from time to time.
Let you in for I have witnessed how you impact other people with your words and I wondered if you heard mine.

All these descriptions are things you know of me already so please excuse my moment of reflection.

Truth be told, I really need you right now.

Called on you several times and I wonder if you are here.

Tears, a rear occurrence,
emotions often swallowed and regret is regurgitated.

Stained floor illustrates harboured thoughts only shared with you if you listened but do you hear me when I speak to you?

They believe so..
I've seen them move, dance, shake, cry, shout, rejoice, sacrifice living habits, finance, loose sleep for you, stop eating. FOR YOU!

But, I understand these things.

I... never enjoyed learning your words whilst growing up

Singing the songs, showing excitement, sharing that passion in prayer.

Wanting to stay longer.

I wanted that, wanted it all.

Though my mouth rarely opens about you,
My heart embodies your spirit.

I feel you around.
Gentle breeze to which I do not flinch,
You guide me.
I speak to you before and after every performance.
Why has it gone this far? What do you have planned for me?

I am thankful, however, I have never felt a greater need to find out more about you, and I will.


Allow me to rejoice in your name..

1 comment:

  1. It's all well and good to keep such thoughts in our own minds but owning up to them, outloud is a different matter all together.

    Thanks for giving me the courage to face my fears and speak...