Saturday, 16 January 2010


In me dealing with all of this.

Embodied the true nature of love
I had to position myself where I once was and now, I have a better understanding.
There is no hate when you love another, you would want the best and wish for them to be happy. Even if it is not shared with you.

I feel the hurt. Pains me to be aware of such a thing and yet feeling useless to find a solution or cure.

I seem ungrateful, shunning off any proposal and still shutting down even when you have swallowed your pride.

I understand why.

Yet you try, and try.

And in my current plight, all I ask from you is forgiveness for bringing such negatives in your life.

I would rather you smile for 365 days while I cry.

It serves as karma for you were right...

1 comment:

  1. Yomi, this is such a recognisable scenario... Even though each experience is unique to the individual, I can feel it. I'm there with you.