Wednesday, 16 December 2009


As the blood pumps you cause a discomfort, why would you insist on inflicting this pin to skin like pain?
Feeling to knock myself against the wall
even cures geared to settle your temper are of no use.
As a result,
I am now short tempered
Fuse blown
Facial expression shown, cursing just heightens the mood which screws up the lip and nose, shortly followed by a dip in eyebrows
Yes, I am P*ssed off and amongst all the bull that's currently happening in my life you manage to sneak right through.
Is this your way of telling me to relax?
The pain is exact and at the fore front of my mind so you know I need no reminding..
I simply ask for you to leave
Leave and never comeback, for every time you visit, I shut down
I hope this cure relieves me any moment now...

Friggin Headache!!!!

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