Friday, 25 December 2009

Retrospective Christmas

As a family we gather together and forget our differences, we look on to the strengths that bought us to this point for it wasn't a death or anything tragic, rather a celebration of a festive season.

I want that, I want to bask in the glory of such a moment that it is shown through a single tear.
Let me smile as I open presents let me dance when that song of ours play
Let me feel proud when I view the look on the faces of the little ones for this festive season seems to be a blur at first but as they grow they will appreciate it more.

let me drink wine and eat from time to time
I want that
I want it all
I do not want to go through the routine that I'm use to, I'm angry inside and confused with ways to show it.
happy to be sharing this moment with you however, wanting to provide more because you deserve it.
Let me wave that wand and bring everything close to you in a split of a second
I want that
I want it all but, am I asking for to much?
Im looking around, I'm hearing happiness.
No bar humbugs resides in my heart however, I have realised that I do not feel what others feel.

But one day, I will.

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