Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Oil to fix the Creak

I look at you

Admiring the experience you have been witnessed to and at times I share hurt with you.
I myself have treated you badly by carving emotions on you and still you forgive me by remaining strong
you do not falter but rather alter my mood.
Allowing me to open or shut from view your brittleness shows the age in you
and at times I'm paranoid for you've seen and heard things grown folks do but this is nothing new to you.
So at times when age shows I simply provide the oil to the creak to aid your growth and place new designs to stay hip with the times so you will be fully ready for the next in line.

Within your presence I created these rhymes, shared emotions bitter as lime inflicting injuries on myself when it seemed all areas were closed in mind
Within these four walls pain resides.
Within these four walls I cried inside, lonesome, and only you will know what that felt like..

Some may call you a Door.

Guess they do not think like me.

I know many that would love to share your view...

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