Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Moments of thought

Lol so clearly way past the outdoor time now. It is rather cold out, nevertheless though I still had my moment of thought in which I carried home even to mellow over.

Future gigs

I intend on still performing, however, my love for writing at the moment is prioritising over that. I do have my eyes set on bigger things i.e Festivals.

Longevity and maintaining stability/substance

As long as I am real with myself then I know that I will keep writing in accordance to the "what's happening now" the worst thing is to get sucked in as an artist and allowing others to dictate your growth. Nooo waaaayyy.

Personal issues

Must find a way to deal, either through talking face to face or venting through writing pieces.

How to broaden my sound to the masses
that dnt really believe in spokenword or performance poetry.

Show them the opposite of what they believe this artform is about! Watch and see.

Coool, that's my thoughts for now. I wrote a new piece today which ill post in an hour.


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