Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Cos you're so sporadically disjointed!
You're like a complex entity,
like a multiplying fungus that gets under the skin with its potency and mixes with that liquid like substance coupled with the frustration,
fending off any army that pose as a threat clueless to the brain trying to understand how a being can do away with thoughts as if they were nothing,
do you even care,
is there a space where your heart resides? is it warm and welcoming?
When you stare into that mirror and avoid your ageing and yet youthful skin what goes through your mind?
Are they happy thoughts, what makes you smile?
Do you ever reflect on your impact towards another or do you see these situations as reason season n lifetimes
What do you feel?
At times repetitive but do they hear?
Further more do you acknowledge what you say
Its hard to find your reflection when covered in the mist that is life and all that is truth you push away
Tears of hurt froze over that pumpkin like organ
Shielded by actions resulting in insults and put downs..
No happy ever after

Such is life, carry on like normal

The impact of two thousand and 3 5 6 shown in HD to a selected audience

Silence often causing argument and yet how many more tears do you need to see before you change your ways

And all that is asked of you is to simply open up, share your hurt as they do with theirs

What is the matter?


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