Friday, 18 December 2009


These urges come and go
Blows hot and cold and right now my urge visualise's you in your clothes.
The process of stripping you head to toe let me make love to you like you've never known.
Stars align as I pull your hair back and you moan..
Mentally I have grown
Embracing every part of this new age I want you to envisage our moment so deep that you grab the closest thing in your way.
simply asking you to breathe me in as you do with the air and let this moment create present smiles in your features.
My tone will remind you of melodies everlasting to which you shall sing as you walk drive or bathe,
find yourself doodling random's on paper without thinking looking at clothes and things to buy just by instinct
indeed it is a great feeling
Your sweat I will wipe and as I pull your body close to mine ill stroke sensitive spots on your skin creating tingles down your spine
Gentle bites on your neck making pressures rise and allowing you to react in what ever way you feel like
Then balancing the pace until the urge satisfies our plight
This.. is more than sexual
We connected through the aura of pheromones and my thread was sewn in from the moment I laid eyes on you so if it was just that, I would be man enough to let you know
The comfort of your head resting on my shoulder at night, feels right.

But of course, this is just all in Hindsight.

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