Saturday, 26 December 2009


I acted silly
In a state I couldn't quite explain I was irrational, it seems as if the build up of previous weeks was the fuel to the flame I wanted to knock every light out of this fool in detail.
You held me back with force, I heard not a word, she jumped in also and in shock she smiled, seemed as if this alternate state caused something in her system and I crashed a long time ago ears blocked to the "let it goes"
He need not to trouble those that came to enjoy their night, somebody has to let him know.

My friend holds me close, thirteen years we share and blood may separate our genes however in my eyes, its my brother I see. I shout as they try control for I know its only me that could calm him down. He would take a bullet for me. Years inseparable I await our journey as we grow.

In a state I couldn't quite explain, I remember her calming both of us to maintain.
She need not see another blood shed at the expense of a rave due to others not knowing how to behave.

I sensed no love
it seemed so far away...


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