Saturday, 7 November 2009

Star in the Making

Infecta is getting the attention of many people within the UK, I have to really respect his networking in 2009. Not shy to speak his mind, Infecta released his Debut ep titled "Dats who it is" in october.

His following is still growing and anyone that comes across this guy is won over so he is definitely one to look out for.

"Dats Who it is" is free on Download and his Video "Roll to the Shoobz "is also is online but you know I had to attach both things for you so yeahhhh.... you cant say im not kind to you all.



  1. I Love Infectaaa !
    Keep doing what you do best..
    Remember your God all the way
    Lovee yaaa
    Best Frienddd x

  2. Da Infamous Infecta,
    I see you fam
    Keep up da hard work cause as thet say hard work pays. I got you fam. Chesneen Black

  3. Alikaaaa, jheez man getting big, good on ya man u deserve it all. All the best. Tahmid

  4. topman galaxy infecta allday everyday keep moving its too late for anyone to stop you now cuz. ice