Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Chris n Rhi Rhi sing their hearts out

Ok so, end as you mean to start and indeed thats what I am doing.

the latest in the Chris brown and Rhianna Saga continues, not to long ago you all viewed the interview in which Rhianna bared all in regards to that unfortunate evening. What some of you didnt know was that Chris Brown was also doing various interviews that week.

Now coming into a new week we see new videos from both Chris Brown and Rhianna.

Crawl is the Second single from Chris Browns forthcoming album Graffiti,  famous for his Ballads but im not sure if this will set into the fans as quick as before. Ticket sales for his tour are not really doing well, we wish him all the best.  Also look out for Cassie in the Vid with her funkadelic Hairstyle. dunno if i like it though!! 

OK!!! Rhi Rhi time 

Now me thinks that shes gone through a major change and the latest pictures clearly show what I mean. Russian Roulette is her main single and its causing a stir at the moment for its dark feel. Even I had to take my time and be like whoa.

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