Thursday, 19 November 2009


Bobby ray AKA B.O.B

Whos is this guy you might ask?

I first heard this guy back in like March and I liked his style, its weird but you know when someone will be around and B.O.B is far from a one hit wonder. Various styles and flows, this Atlanta native is ready to show the world what hes got. 

When I first Heard him I thought of Andre 3000 straight away but now, he is in his own league. 

Now, Because I care for you all sooooo much, I have uploaded a backlog of stuff B.O.B, including a link to his new Mixtape before the main album due in 2010 featuring the likes of Eminem, T.I plus more.

Oh and Giggs also has him on a track (dunno if its actually him though or a sample of his voice)
Its a big tune cos im a Bobby Ray Fan!!

Enjoy and Spread the worddddddd.....

Click here to download the Mixtape 

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