Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Lunch break

Yeah guys, I'm currently on lunch walking to the local cafe where they do this fantastic meal called the Ariana burger meal. Guys this meal is beautiful like you don't want it to finish beautiful.

K soooo what's new?

Well I'm performing later tonight at Pentonville prison. Yah, you read right. Its a first, like when I was first heard of the opportunity I was like errrmmmm..... But now I'm like bring it on! I believe life is all about new experiences. In all honesty though I'm the worst to try new things lool take Wagamamas for instance, I only order one meal and that never changes and I think its the baitest meal that everybody orders - chicken Katsu curry (Loves it)

Ill take pics from the performance and ill let you know how it goes but for now, please find attached a pic of me before my lunch, my actual lunch and if your lucky... A pic after my lunch. Its all about the journey people, all about the journey.



  1. Ariana! Love their burgers :-)
    Yomz first prison performance, hhmmm, be safe dude!

  2. You'd be safe with ginger chicken udon noodles & duck gyoza too.