Friday, 9 October 2009

Is this you.......

No I'm not cruel for this but I saw him last night on my way home from the Eric Roberson gig and it made me think. He was in front clearly knocked out and next to me was a woman drunk and staring at me like I was either her future husband or a bottle of corona? Lol either way it inspired me to flick out my BB and type this in the memo, happily titled is this you... Its a rough draft but what the hell eh? As always, comments are welcomed.

Everyone just looks miserable,
tired worn torn looking like the monday blues is their soundtrack for the week for the weak gave in as they admitted defeat.
Towels thrown in
9 to 5's is rare
overtime seems nearer to their life whilst living on iceland frozen food.
potential chefs but the microwave is there saviour to a meal is this you...

Symptoms include cursing the hell out of your alarm when it sounds then acting like you can cram an extra hour in ten minutes or
walking round like a zombie till you look up at the clock, add up your time to get ready and realize your late before you even smelled your morning breath.
Is this you....

Fed up and constantly wondering why you don't hand in your P45 for this job feeds your belly, not your brain, you understand your worth knowing full well what your value is to another and yet you remain in a position that does you no justice.
You moan
You moan
Oh You moan to friends, they love you but they are fed up.
Fed up of listening, advice is given however, your ears suddenly block the truth and you end up right back where you started, whilst watching others move past you, taking the risks needed to meet their goal.
Nothing in this life is easy for even the rich have to work hard to maintain there's no rest

Everyone just looks miserable
At some point their dream and aspirations soared higher than simon cowell's ego
Is this you..

To be continued.....

What directions do you think the piece could go now?