Sunday, 4 October 2009

As the tree grows

Done some research and I came across the story of the Turners, When we talk about black history month we seem to always Highlight the bait names however, there were a lot of other people that stood for their rights. In doing so they lost their lives which added to the battle for equality.

Trees start off ever so small and soon they grow through the roots

They see many come and go and as we age, it provides us with the oxygen needed to view our future generations carry on the legacy that we hold close to us, that we leave behind.


These branches bare fruit for many to feed from

For animals to hide, not for someone to depart this life from

There was so much disorder that I could not think, Noises, left right and center as I gathered with the onlookers.

Word is that a white man died at the hands of a colored

frustrated they couldn't find him they decide to lynch another by the name of Hayes Turner who was in next to no time hung around the corner.

The branch that bare's fruit also held an innocent soul upside down for us to behold

A beautiful woman

I see her around my way, 8 months pregnant I know she is due any day

Word is after her husbands lynching she vowed the perpetrators would pay for there crimes, worst than any venom could sink into skin, nonetheless, these words fell on deaf ears for the white folk decided to make an example of her being so vocal about her husbands ill treatment.

The tree provides us with the oxygen needed to live our lives

This was rapidly filled with gasoline as it was doused all over Mary Turner and her unborn child

This air that was once an escape

A revitalizing toke of purity was clouded by the smell of flesh as she was burned alive

Such frustration as I look around me

Angered demons look on towards the body of mary turner

A knife is picked up by one of the residents and before my eyes, he splits her belly open.

The baby drops like an apple from a tree

The branches provide an area where animals can hide

The tears from within can no longer be held for it will soon capsize

The pain and ordeal she has gone through to stand for her husband served as unjust as he smashed the babies' skull with his foot and the rest fired their guns filling Mary turners body with their hate.

As the tree grows, many come, and many go.

Rest in peace.

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