Sunday, 17 May 2009

The guy that feeds the pigeons

One of my favorite pieces that I have yet to perform....  
Just a mental note that some of us tend not to take notice of

The Guy that feeds the pigeon just sits there..

Almost like he has no worries in the world, no weight on his shoulders, he's in control.

He greets passer bys with smiles and in London smiles is often something that we tend not to receive nor give to each other and when we do it seems like a beef or some kind of invitation to something that is far from what normal thoughts may hold

 Every Tuesday and at times Thursday between 11 and 1:00pm you know he's there and even if he's late the pigeons wait.

Craven birds but they are trained and upon his arrival they cast over him in a flurry like waves to a surfer, like groupies over an artist but whose to say that this guy was not a natural talent in his time.

Perceptions deceive the mind so yes I was looking at a sad old man feeding birds for comfort and seeking company but a closed mind sets ignorance and a negative vibe is a rhythm that I can't dance to

 I wonder what his life was like when he was my age? Either way I know at this precise moment in my life, I am developing, my brain is constantly feeding of knowledge and I know it digest with no troubles. As strange as it may seem, this guy is part of my routine so if he is not there whilst I am on my travels, thought will ponder.

 The guy that feeds the pigeons has been here for a while, when X Y and Z went to choir practice when they were 12 and by 18 they thought they were road man and attempted to Bang Bang.

Yeah he's been there when X was sent to jail at 19 and came out at 25 to which he missed the arrival of his child who he has seen since birth but X only See's now.

 He might not be flawsing like you you or you but I guarantee his life is simple and peaceful, no need for complications, peaceful and simple. No need for complications.

 Its life's lessons  


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